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I am a non-professional music reviewer and my genres are mainly jazz, blues, soul and funk. I do not get paid to have opinions about music, but I spend hours listening to music every day anyway, and opinions are created as a result. I have scribbled notes about bands, songs and albums for years and now I am thinking it is time to share these with other music fanatics. 

Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments, I am really looking forward to hearing your opinions on my opinions. 

"Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen."

- Amy Winehouse

Sweet Amy

19 Mar 2019

The first time I heard Amy Winehouse was actually on the radio. I never listen to radio at home, but I do travel quite a lot by bus and there the radio is always broadcasting. I heard the song Back to black and sat there on my bumpy seat, stunned. I thought it was incredible that there was such an amazing musician, obviously from passed times, that I could't place a face or a name to.

When I got back home i Googled Back to black and was introduced to Amy. Her Back to black album was on repeat for many weeks following that day. I have loved her ever since and in my book she is one of the greatest voices of all times. So much feeling!

When Amy Winehouse died I was shocked and I believe her passing was a huge loss to music history...

Blues roots

23 Feb 2019

I am well aware that the blues music genre was born out of suffering. Suffering is the essence of blues music but it is also a testimony to that even in the darkest places beauty will have a place. I wish I had a time machine and the opportunity to go back to experience these blues fathers live. I am grateful for recordings...